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    • The sprout of CG dream

    CG is the abbreviation of Computer Graphics. In the early years, it was a technology to make animation with the help of computer. China's CG development can be traced back to the late 1980s. In view of the rapid rise of foreign CG industries, key domestic universities such as Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University began to study computer graphics. This is also the earliest embryonic stage in China.
    The founder of the company graduated from a well-known art school in his early years, and came into contact with CG animation just at the right time. A CG game
    promotional video of Japan's "Final Fantasy 7" hit his soul directly, making the founder give up the oil painting major without hesitation, and hide in the computer
    room of the college every day. Researching CG technology, coupled with the basic knowledge of aesthetics in the past, combined with the display of CG technology,
    the case made has been greatly satisfied. Since then, the buds of the CG development road have been out of control!
    During the university period, the first batch of CG technology contacts in China, the era of 3DS MAX3.0/ MAYA4.5
    In 2002, the "Platinum Manual" produced by Mars Times was regarded as the "Sunflower Book" in the CG world in the early years
    In 2005, the founder was honored to join Crystal Stone, the digital supplier of the China World Expo, for further study
    In 2006, he planned to go abroad for further study, and the seeds of his dream of entering the Hollywood film and television special effects circle germinated.


    • Golden age of growth

    In the study of foreign careers, I experienced different languages and different national customs, but in the production and research and development of CG road,
    they all agreed and coincided with each other, and accumulated rich technical and network resources during this period.
    From 2007 to 2013, he served Singapore local animation companies, Hollywood visual effects companies and other well-known enterprises for further study. He has
    participated in the CG special effects technology of Hollywood films such as "Clone Wars", "Transformers", "Mission Impossible" and "Rango" develop.
    In 2013, he founded the digital CG studio of RFAL Studio in Singapore, planning to return to China to start a business in the next year.


    • From dream to reality

    Returning to China is the best time. Having experienced the background dividend of the Internet and mobile Internet era, the CG industry technology is booming in
    China, and today’s CG technology has penetrated into major industries, such as games, film and television, architecture, automobiles, virtual AI, VR/AR, metaverse,
    digital technology and other major industries have been deeply applied.
    In the information age, all walks of life are accelerating their embrace of digitalization. Especially after the emergence of 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and
    other technologies, the automobile industry, which is closely following the cutting-edge technology, has an increasingly urgent demand for digitalization. Automobile
    marketing is undergoing digital baptism. Digital marketing and its online application scenarios have become a blind way to liberate automobile marketing. good
    In the next 10 years, the global automobile industry will present four major trends: market globalization, industrial digitalization, product technology, and brand
    lightweighting. The changing trend of automobile marketing is no exception.
    Fanya knows that if an enterprise wants to achieve long-term development in the future, it must embark on the road of having core technical barriers, and the business
    logic of vertically deepening industry segments and expanding follow-up. In other words, the success of its own brand determines how far Fanya can go and how high
    it can climb.
    In 2017, Shanghai Fanya Culture was formally established. The word Fanya originated from the names of the two daughters of the founder, implying sailing, elegance
    and chic. In the same year, the FANYACG brand trademark application was submitted.
    In 2018, signed a contract with the Singapore DARK BOX STUDIO company's strategic partner branch to develop a series of CG technology application solutions,
    IP derivatives, etc.
    In 2019, a unit member of the Society of Automotive Engineers of China and the FANYACG brand have been deeply involved in automotive visual marketing services.
    In 2023, the company's 3.0 strategic positioning plan, in conjunction with industrial upgrading, will focus more on the digital technology field, focus on digital content research and development service systems in the new energy field, and start a new journey in the next era.  

    Make technology more beautiful and make life happier!